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Hey! I’m Jeroen.

I like to photograph decayed matter. Architecture and artworks with historical meaning in particular. The degradation that is caused by time and nature intrigues me. By photographing these objects I’m trying to capture the visual history that otherwise would be lost. My other goal is to show the beauty and share the story of these decaying objects.

Every decaying object has its own story. Sometimes abandoned for decades. Visiting these places can feel like stepping out of a time machine that took you back in time. Showing you how it used to be. Discovering that nothing has changed. This experience is what intrigues me the most. Ever since my first explore it got me hooked. Since then I’ve been traveling all over the world capturing the most interesting scenes.

Got curious? Take a look at my photo series to experience the world of abandonment and decay. I hope my work will be of interest to you.

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